In this project, we will be reviving a literary work (from or your own source), whose copyright is now recently in the public domain, from (relative) obscurity by considering the content to be an as-found publication from a previous era, and injecting new life into it by:

(1) adding contemporary content to frame the original within today's context,
(2) re-designing the form for a screen-native experience - a single long scrolling page 
(3) providing a new context for the publication to surface it's ideas and delivery mechanism (i.e. content and form) within today's media ecosystem by either generating derivative samples or framing the form in another media ecosystem.

Using your chosen public domain work (consult channel resources) translate and augment the chosen content by designing a publication for a new edition in a digital format
    • Consider: Illustrations, interactivity, audience, time (!), how interactivity and time relate to one another
    • Content of the work must be tied to the translation and the augmentation must be related in some way to both the content and the form
    • Augmentation examples:
      • images (from public domain)
      • form elements (questionnaire, fill in blank)
      • media embeds (related posts from other media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, etc.)
      • textual, from other sources, i.e. footnotes, annotation, marginalia

Content Ideas:

    • Short Stories/Chapters from novels
    • Poems
    • Articles from periodicals
    • Film (script!)
    • a journal article or academic paper
    • newspaper article
    • recipe
    • Example: The Art of Making Whiskey by Anthony Boucherie
      • Contains 15 chapters of instructions, but no illustrations
      • Find images in the public domain (or create your own) to augment the original work
      • For Example, is there a Youtube video you can find frames from/make animated GIFS from

Technical Component

    • Use mobile screen size
    • Design Mockups using Figma
    • Add an Editor's Note: the circumstances you found the work in (original, already digitized/OCR'd PDF?) what you've done to the work, how you've accomplished this and why (reasons could vary from the practical to the conceptual/poetic)


March 20: Introduce Project

April 3: Presentations: chosen public domain works & proposed content augmentation

April 10: Draft 1 group peer-to-peer review

April 17: Final file/link presentation
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