Class Policies

Community Discussion Guidelines & Agreement 

Community Guidelines can be found in this editable Google doc. We will add to and annotate this document over the course of the Semester.

Tickets to Leave

At the end of each class period (or, if you are not able to attend synchronously due to extenuating circumstances, after watching the recording asynchrounsly) send me a Direct Message in Discord, answering both of the following questions:

1. One specific thing from class today that you either: (a) found interesting, (b) want to know more about, (c) think was the most important point you learned today in class or (d) something you learned that you didn't know before.

2. One specific thing from today’s class that you were either: (a) confused about, (b) have further questions about, or (c) want clarification about. (This will give you a clue as to what you should study before the next class)

Notes on TTL

  • There are no right or wrong answers, these TTLs are an opportunity for you to reflect and process everything we talk about in class, whether it’s a lecture and group discussion, a full-class critique, or a peer-to-peer critique.

  • I may direct you to references or resources, give an emoji response, or a delayed emoji or reference response (or no response at all: don't worry this does not mean anything).

  • They will help inform me of what I could dive into more deeply (if a number of people are excited about the same thing, for example), or what I might need to review/clarify in the following class.

  • This is a technique to foster balanced mutual co-education; you learn from me, I learn from you. If it’s only one sided, that balance can be thrown off and we can get stuck going in circles. If we both learn from each other, we can go much further.

Final Self Assessment

Send your final self assessment as a PDF in a Discord Direct Message to me.

Of Self
  • How has your visual eye changed, since beginning this course? Evaluate your increased awareness and understanding of pubishing systems.
  • Describe what specific elements of design and/or publishing have begun to inform your other work.
  • Also, specifically, evaluate the growth of your technical skills (illustrator, photoshop, indesign, Figma, web frameworks) skills and other skillsets as it relates to this course.
  • If your growth is not where you would like it to be, what specific steps will you take to improve your skills?
  • What resources have you found to be specifically helpful to you for this course? And why?
  • Did you accomplish your goals that you established at the outset of this course?
  • What other things have you learned in this course?

Of Classmates

  • Which classmate(s) inspired you the most and why? Speak to particular project(s) they did.

Of The Course

  • What assignment(s) did you like the most and why?
  • What assignment(s) did you like the least and why?

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