Graphic Treatment


  • Become familiar with InDesign and Figma through creation of a graphic treatment document communicating a design intent
  • This should be a reflection of your own personal tastes: colors, typefaces, and image textures.
  • Have fun with it, and use your developing visual literacy to make it personal and unique to your aesthetic vision (Don’t have an aesthetic vision yet? Now is your chance to create one!)
  • We will review everyone’s next class, but we will also use this exercise to prepare for Project 1 & Project 2 later.

Project 1 Technical Setup Part

  • Create a New InDesign Document with these settings:
  • Letter Size page
  • set units to inches (or mm if you prefer)
  • .5 inch / 12mm margins
  • make sure facing pages is unchecked
  • On the Master A page, make a grid (layout->create guides)
  • 6 columns
  • 4 rows
  • gutter of .125 inches
  • fit to: margins
  • Select the Type Tool, click and drag to make a text Box for the Title, which will be "Your Name] Graphic Treatment." While page titles and headings are often at the top of the page, you can choose to place your title anywhere within the overall page, at any rotation, angle, or alignment.
  •     Choose a plain "vanilla" sans-serif typeface, set to 36 point type size for the title you just created  

Creative Part

  • Now double click to Page 1, exiting the Master page.
  • Make three Subheadings, set to 18 point type size
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Texture
  • Make 5 squares for Color
  • Make 4 Text Boxes for Typography
  • Place 3 images for Texture
  • Arrange each element on the page, such that
  • the squares visually belong with Color
  • the text boxes visually belong with Typography
  • the images visually belong with Texture
  • Now that we've set up our document and learned how to use grids in InDesign to define spatial zones, we can start specifying our design in each of the three categories of visual literacy
  • Copy and Paste (and Paste in Place) on additional pages to track your design process, do at least 10 iterations
  • Export a PDF and Package the file, upload the PDF only (the Packaged folder is for your own file management) to the #exercise-graphic-treatment channel

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