Forms of Publishing ⇆ Publishing of Forms


Break up into groups of 3

Each group is assigned a form of publishing

As a group, in a collective Google Doc research and collaboratively notate the tetrad of media effects

Answer the following questions:
  • When did this form primarily exist?
  • What was it's primary content? (text, images, video)
  • What was it's primary content unit? (article, song)

Examples to Choose From:

  • Rhetorical software can be thought of as a form of publishing
  • e-book
    • a skeuomorph of the printed-book-form-as-presented-on-a-digital-screen
    • A consumable object
    • Have you ever considered what tweeting out a "book" would do to it? No reasonable person would classify a series of tweets containing the text of a novel as an "e-book" so what about the e-book form makes it so?
      • answer: it's commodific-ability by platforms to produce revenue from unit sales
  • Zograscope
    • 3D viewer in the late 18th century, like current day VR headsets
  • Incunabula
  • Podcast
  • Newspaper
    • composed of: articles
  • Tik Tok
  • Blog
  • Vlog
  • Magazine
  • Zine
  • Pamphlet
  • Poster
  • Album
    • music album, CD, tape or otherwise
  • Serial Novel
  • the “Post”
    • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, other social media platforms
  • Manuscript
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