A Working Definition of Publishing

Above diagrams illustrate Bhaskar’s definition of publishing as a system across time

Exercise Guidelines

  • In groups of 3 or more, discuss and come up with a definition of what publishing means to your group.
  • Make a Google Doc for each member of the group to collaboratively write in, synch or asynchronously
  • As a group, come up with a “dictionary definition” of publishing, what it means to publish:
    • define the part of speech that your definition of the word belongs to (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)
    • Come up with at least 3 examples or instances of your definition of publishing
  • Post your text directly as a message (copy/paste into the message box) to the #exercise_defining-publishing channel
  • Individually in Slack, offer questions, comments, and further thoughts on each groups definition (using the “thread” function), discussing how we might expand what it means to publish in the past, present, and future.
  • We will re-visit these ideas over the duration of the course!

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