Defining Audience


  • Self-assemble in groups of three
  • Identify the creators of a product of contemporary publishing that you would like to research further
    • Research their influences in the creation of that publication - either through interviews, deductive or speculative reasoning
    • For example:
      • If you like The Gentlewoman, look at Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom and their influences
      • If you like 032c, you could say Joerg and Maria Koch, Mike Meire or Mirko Borsche, and look at what influenced them in the 90s (Kunstforum, Peter Saville )
  • Then identify a historical publication from more than 20 years ago (book, magazine, other) that has influenced who you are influenced by
  • Write a paragraph about who you think the audience for the original publication is. Some questions you might answer include:
    • Who is the intended audience for the
      • Who is not the intended audience?
    • How is the audience of the original similar or different from the publication it influenced today?
    • Have any technologies changed the look and feel of the publication?
    • Can you identify design tropes that are derivative, homage, or in conversation between the contemporary and historical examples?
  • Include images to help illustrate your research


  • Selected publication is The Gentlewoman, founded by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, now edited by Penny Martin
    • The audience is for an affluent, fashion-interested, North American and European audience in their mid-20s to early-40s
    • fashion stylists, designers, photographers, magazine enthusiasts
    • The Gentlewoman is a magazine about taste: Restraint is one of its tenets; another is respect.
  • A magazine that influenced The Gentlewoman’s direction
    • British Vogue in the 1980's under the editoship of Anna Wintour
    • at the time, the magazine was “deeply unfashionable,” the “absolute apotheosis of neoconservative image-making.”
    • “I wouldn’t say that our politics or our image-makers or even our tastes are the same,” - Martin
  • Sources:

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