At the beginning of every week, we will begin right away with a ritual gift exchange, where each person will bring a gift for someone else. This gift will not be physical, it will be virtual: it will take the form of an idea: an image of an artwork, a video, an article, another channel, etc...

On even weeks (2,4,6,8) each person will give however many gifts to whomever they please. On odd weeks (3,5,7,9) the receivers of gifts from the previous week will reciprocate by giving a gift to the person they received a gift from the previous week, and additionally give new gifts to whomever they please.

Once you upload your gift into the block square on, please change the title of the block containing your gift “Gift for [the persons name]”

You may write a short description of, or reason for, your gift in the description field.

Here is our Potlatch channel

At the end of the class, week 10, we will have a collective class publication, created with a print on demand workflow using

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